Wright Dairy milk is pasteurized in a low-temperature batch pasteurizer and then cooled to 40 degrees or lower before it is bottled, to protect the flavor. This is different from the large industry standard of high temperature short time (HTST) or ultra-high temperature (UHT) pasteurization. Even though the batch process is slower, we believe that preserving the rich old-fashioned flavor is worth the extra time it takes.

Our philosophy is this: The more fresh and natural the product, the more delicious and nutritious it will be.

Wright Dairy whole milk and buttermilk have nothing added, because nothing has been taken out. Look at the ingredient label of the buttermilk you buy elsewhere, and you will understand why its taste and quality is so poor. Most of our buttermilk-loving customers say that they haven’t tasted buttermilk this good since their mothers or grandmothers churned it at home. Our 1% milk has some of the naturally vitamin-rich cream removed, so we fortify it with Vitamins A and D. The chocolate milk is made from our whole milk, with all its creamy goodness. You’ll agree that giving the milk jug a good shake before pouring is a small price to pay for milk this tasty and wholesome.

Wright Dairy milk is not homogenized. Homogenization is the process by which the fat globules are "exploded" with intense pressure. They become suspended in the milk so that the cream does not separate from the skim. This is why homogenized milk does not require shaking or stirring before you pour it into your glass. While this may sound good, homogenization changes the way milk tastes and how it is digested by your body. Many people who think they are "lactose-intolerant" are really "homogenized milk-intolerant." We have a number of customers who can finally drink milk (ours) again because it is not homogenized.

Also consider this: That "fresh milk" you buy in the grocery store may not be as fresh as you think. Considering the time required to be trucked cross-country, processed, bottled, and then trucked to the store . . . well, you figure it out! We milk our cows twice every day, and Wright Dairy milk is bottled several times a week from the most recent milking. That’s why we say that Wright Dairy milk is so fresh the cow hasn’t missed it yet!