Cheeses: The Finest Quality and Taste

We have a variety of wonderful cheeses for sale to wholesale vendors.  They are as pure as your company can find and grass fed for supreme taste.  Our prices are set so that you can make money and we can continue our dairy farm.  You won't be disappointed.  Each cheese has a distinct flavor, which is rarel in the artisinal world.  

Red Hill Cheddar: A standard medium cheddar

Peaceburg: A sharp cheddar

Coosa: A very mild cheese with a light Parm flavor

Asiago: An Italian style cheese with a little stronger Parm bite

Swiss: The nutty, sweet flavor you are expect from a mild swiss but without the eyes for easy use.

Velvet: Melty and mild, it makes great mac-n-cheese and nachos

Pepper Velvet: Our melty "Velvet" with some medium heat peppers

Desert Storm: A medium pepper flavor with the texture of pepper jack for slicing

Copperhead: For those of you who like a stonger pepper flavor


All our products are from cows raised primarily on grass having no herbicides and pesticides.  We use no hormone treatments on our animals.  You will find our products are as pure as they are tasty.




Wright Dairy sells a wide variety of cheeses, some made on the farm and some purchased from an Amish community in Ohio.  Both are from cows fed primarily on grass, with no herbicides or pesticides, and the cows are not given hormone injections.  You will find the cheeses "clean" tasting and full of flavor.