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For over sixty years, our family business has been providing wholesome products for our friends. We make our high-quality cheese and butter on our grass-based farm, without the herbicides, pesticides, or hormones many other farming operations use. Satisfied customers include Evans Meats, Radius Foods, Royal Food Service, various local restaurants, and area stores known for healthy food. They proudly acknowledge us as a provider.

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We’re in It for Your Health

Our farm is run by family members who care about their own health as well as yours, the animals’ health, and the earth. We have a “closed herd,” meaning we do not buy outside cattle. The health of the land, water routes, and the animals are foremost in the operation. We are one of the few dairies in America that are seasonal, meaning cattle lactation is timed with pastures. This translates into healthy animals with few health or personality issues and gives us a consistent product. We produce premium cheeses which are easy to use.

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Our Mission

Our goal is to provide our wholesalers with the highest-quality cheese at a reasonable price point. We pride ourselves on natural dairy products from naturally raised cows. Fed on grass, A2 bred, and free of herbicides, pesticides, antibiotics, and synthetics, it is a living food for a healthy body. Our mission is pure food for everyone.

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